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Sunday 2 May 2010

A Wise and Humorous View

From some old film vaguely remembered from childhood there was a line that said miracles aren't extraordinary feats of nature but simply something that happens at the right time. The internet is filled with so many so-called miracle-workers who make all kinds of promises of success, happiness and prosperity that, especially for a typically cynical Northern English person, they look like a load of scam artists.

In the midst of all that, there occasionally comes something truly wonderful and, after months of seeing 'Abraham-Hicks' coming up in the 'recommended for you' on YouTube, I began to watch those videos a month or so ago. This is something else altogether! Never, after years of studying theology, religion, psychology, nursing, healing, health and anything else that is available, have I heard such profound wisdom with such brilliant humour.

Esther and Jerry Hicks, whom I do not know personally, look like an ordinary couple. From a hard old industrial area of the north of England viewpoint, if you see their webpage, they look like people on loads of other 'American' sites who are kind of too-nice and too-glossy. A year or so ago they visited Europe and the 'Independent' reporter wrote a scathing review, pointing out that they live in some style (and why shouldn't they? They ask for nothing and so much of their work is available on YouTube at no cost!). If you would care to listen to them for even a brief while, it's so clear that such brilliant wisdom is neither cult-like nor self-aggrandising, and is absolutely to the point of what life is really about. Thoroughly uplifting and truly beautiful!

Please don't be put off by the idea of channelling or the notion of something spooky going on! It's not about that. In the way questions are immediately answered, Esther either speaks through the inspiration of the Divine/Source/God or she is one gifted human being to be able to turn things around so quickly! Personally, I believe the former.

Discovering such amazing understanding is miraculous to me and, as a former theology student, I have to say 4 decades of ploughing through old manuscripts and so-called knowledge and dreary theologies, never came close to this simple wisdom and joy!


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