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Wednesday 14 December 2011

Queen Victoria's Excessive Mourning

The death of Prince Albert on 14th December 1861 had a profound effect on his family. It often seems to me that in the midst of Queen Victoria’s excessive mourning, the effects on Prince Albert’s children have been overlooked. The video at the end of this post points out some of the implications.
Another thought often occurs to me, which might be a little more controversial....
The rest of this post has been temporarily removed due to an Amazon agreement re. the recent publication of my book "Queen Victoria's Granddaughters 1860-1918"



May said...

Thank you for the lovely videos! Your insights regarding Queen Victoria's mourning are well worth pondering.

I always feel for this couple, especially as they were so closely related to my dear Belgian royals.

Christina said...

Thank you, Matterhorn :-)

King Leopold seemed to be very much a father-figure to Queen Victoria, didn't he? I think she viewed him as such. Some of her letters to him are quite touching.