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Monday 4 March 2013

A Wonderful Comment!

An article in Saturday’s Telegraph described the Duke of Gloucester’s concern for the dignity of his predecessor – Richard III. More interesting than the article itself was a comment by ‘EmilyEnso’ who observed that the decision about Richard’s interment lies not with the government, the Queen or the people, but solely with the University of Leicester. As the commenter points out:

 “One can only say that for a University to decide on the burial place of an English King is utterly bizarre and that the University would callously then disregard that monarch's known wish to be buried in York is both wrong and contemptible in the extreme.
I am gratified that someone is now asking about the dignity of this much wronged man. Apparently the latest idea is to expose a mock up of this disabled man's skeleton for public view at a price.”

The rest of the comment is also extremely interesting and pertinent and well worth a read!!

Well said, EmilyEnso!

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