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Thursday 13 March 2014

May They Do The Right Thing!

It would be unthinkable if anyone killed in an accident had to be buried where he/she died. Great lengths are gone to to have the bodies of soldiers killed overseas repatriated and yet Richard III, England’s last Plantagenet king is to be buried in Leicester?
Today the High Court will decide on that ruling and I trust the right thing will be done and the case for Richard to be buried in York will be re-opened.
1.  Richard was Lord of the North.
2   He lived, loved and was loved in Yorkshire.
3   York remained loyal to him to the end.
4   He paid for chapels/chantries in York..a sure sign he wished to be buried there.
5   His beloved son is buried in Yorkshire
6   His present day descendants wish him to be buried here.
6   The decision to inter him in Leicester was reached by secret agreement but Richard was King of England and the people of England have a right to make the decision. Secret agreements, after all, led to the First World War and host of other evils!
7    Richard belongs to Yorkshire and had no ties with Leicester where his body was mutilated after death. 


Jayne Austen-Healey said...

Another good book subject for you!

Christina said...

What a kind thing to say :-) I am afraid I am not knowledgeable enough and others have done - and will do - it far better than I could :-)