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Saturday 4 March 2017

The Not So Happy War Brides

In the light of recent events in the USA, it is interesting to note that, following World War II, when British war brides prepared to follow their G.I. husbands to America, they were treated with the utmost barbarity. Before they left Britain they were taken to an American army base where they were subjected to various intrusive medical investigations to ensure that they were not suffering from venereal disease. Once they had been vetted, they were packed into ships with very few comforts and, it was widely alleged that many babies died of dysentery en route. On their arrival they were deloused and subjected to another medical examination before being allowed to join their husbands. For some, worse was to follow, but, as this Pathe newsreel shows, others finally found happiness:

The band Squeeze wrote a song about the same subject in 1981:

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