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Thursday 19 February 2009

"Acts of God"

An interesting thought about how our thoughts affect our bodies...

Vicky's husband, Fritz - Emperor Frederick III - spent much of his young life being 'gagged' by his father. Every time he raised an opposing thought, he was silenced. At the same time, Vicky was urging him to speak out. He was in a very difficult position. As the time drew near for him to take up his position as emperor, he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Vicky felt that she bore the weight of the world on her shoulders. She tried to balance so many things but the strain was so great that she couldn't bear it. Nor could she express it. She suffered greatly, too, over the way her children were raised and how the older ones seemed to reject her. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and spinal cancer.

Alice was never allowed to express her grief at the death of her father as she was too busy caring for her mother and helping to keep 'the firm' running. When her little daughter, May, died, she was compelled to keep that silent, too....she died of diphtheria, which affects the throat.

Serge lived with the horror of what had happened to his father. He also had - I think - some kind of loathing for his body, which was literally obliterated by the bomb that killed him.

There are many, many more examples and the deeper we go into our own thoughts, the more clear it is how we choose to destroy or re-create ourselves....Ho hum...It's a thought which offends many people because we all like to play victim at times. "It wasn't my fault I caught this or that...." It's not a question of 'fault' though, it's more a question of responsibility. Living in the 'image and likeness of God' , our thoughts have tremendous power - far greater than we choose to be aware of, I think. "Act of God" is a something assigned to nasty eventualities - as though a loving creator would be so petulant as to wipe out his/her people! Perhaps 'act of thought' would be more appropriate for many things. "Acts of God" - acting from our highest selves, would surely only mean life and health and freedom.


Christa Bella said...

Interesting perspective.

Do you believe in reincarnation? Unless real healing occurs, healing that goes beyond the band aid methods of healing used by our current level of modern medicine, those energies do seem to carry into other manifestations.

Christina said...

Hi Christa,
Thank you for commenting (and for your kind comment about this blog).

Yes, I do believe in reincarnation. It took me a long time to accept it (as it was contrary to the beliefs I was brought up with) but now it is clear that it is the only possibility, as far as I can see.
Yes, I agree that what we don't heal (really heal, as in restoring to the true image of the Creator that we are) in one life, returns with us to be healed in another.
Nowadays it seems imperative that we 'clean up our act' and sort ourselves out with the utmost care. Perhaps that is what we are here for :-).
Thank you again for commenting!