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Friday 15 May 2009

Murky Week

What an incredibly murky week for British politicians! First the naming and shaming, then the excuse of, "I have done nothing wrong...the Fees Committee passed my claim..." followed by the blaming of the system, then the dangling of cheques repaying the stolen loot as though these great people were performing an act of public service and, too late, trying to appear honourable. The anger of the nation is something unprecedented in my lifetime, and probably in anyone's lifetime.
The most telling part of it all, however, isn't whether it was claim for clearing a moat, or hanging baskets, bath plugs or patio heaters and all the rest of life's luxuries, it was the sheer arrogance of those who made the claims. Some were claiming for properties they never inhabited and the whole flipping of second homes business is exactly the same as the credit culture that played out and burst on this country. What these people seemed to miss completely is the fact that most people don't live as they do. Most people, in my experience, seek to pay their bills on time and not to play with pretend 'Monopoly' money or exoect someone else to foot their bills. The so-called credit crunch, couldn't have been invented by typical northern folk of these Isles, because most of us - though living beyond our means - don't expect someone else to foot the bill.
Who created the mess that has bankrupted Britain? The answer, I am sure, is quite simple. If we have allowed ourselves to be governed by those who see us all as guilty until proved innocent - the need for constant surveillance, CCTV everywhere, the rights of tax inspectors to walk into people's home to see if they can be taxed for conservatories and panoramas and windows (which the home owners have paid for!!) - we have surely allowed ourselves to be governed by those with the mind-set of those who see themselves as above taxes and fair play but who view all the citizens of this nation as suspects, because they themselves are suspect.
The most amusing (in an ironic way) part of all of this, is that it is the so-called socialists who have claimed the greater proportion of our money and have lived like the Lords they claim to despise.
Funny that, on top of taxes, teachers and nurses have to pay each year simply to remain on the register of teachers and nurses....Hmm....does that money go to funding someone else's hanging baskets, food bills, plasma TV or cleaning bills?
I saw a recent TV series about Stalin. Much of it was set in the Kremlin, where he strutted about so proudly - far more tyrannically than any Tsar. That is the true image of socialism/communism. Nowadays, the Halls of Westminster are clearly populated by those who preach, "Do as I say, not as I do!"

Oh, and here's an amusing thing! One MP I heard on TV said, "If we get rid of the expenses, can we really expect MPs to live on £64,000 a year?" as though it is peanuts...Well...to quote the most popular socialist of the day, "Yes we can!"
Oh, please, Your Majesty, dissolve Parliament and grant us a speedy general election!

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