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Sunday 16 December 2012

Keep Britain Free From GM Crops!

Food minister, Owen Patterson, has described opposition to allowing GM crops to be produced in Britain as 'complete nonsense'. For the past few years Britain has remained free from these 'Frankenstein foods', the effects of which on humans and on the wider environment are not fully understood. Creating these products involves interfering with plant DNA, and there are serious dangers of long-term effects on animals or humans who consume them. The plan to introduce these crops has nothing to do with feeding more people or preventing famine, but is another means by which multinational companies and pharmaceutical giants such as Monsanto will gain a monopoly of crops grown throughout the world. Organic famers in the US have already been forced out of business by these giants and now they wish to expand into European markets.
Please would you consider signing the petition which I have launched at Avaaz?

Keep Britain Free from GM Crops

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