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Tuesday 5 February 2013

Hurrah for King Richard III

Hurrah for King Richard III and perhaps an end to centuries of Tudor propaganda!
The wonderful work by the Richard III Society and the scientists/archaeologists of Leicester University as shown on last night’s Channel 4 programme “The King in the Car Park” has created such a huge turnaround in the view of this much maligned king who, I hastened to add as a northerner from Yorkshire, was always revered by northerners!

What is most interesting is the way that the reconstructed face of Richard differs so greatly from the image portrayed in Tudor propaganda! Even before the Tudors doctored his portrait to make him appear more sinister, the portrait of Richard was not very flattering – his mean lips and rather nasty eyes gave the impression of a not very pleasant man at all!

This image of the reconstruction (taken from the BBC website) shows a complete different man – a handsome man who looks nothing like Shakespeare’s evil plotter.

In recent times I have seen the same misuse of images to create a false impression of a king. The often-shown 20 seconds or so of Nicholas II dancing with his daughters on the deck of his yacht has been used to imply that he danced carelessly while his people starved. Obviously no one bothered to film the hour upon hour he spent working at his desk or mediating between opposing ministers, so one bit of footage creates the wrong impression of a hard-working and devoted Tsar.

Perhaps in the light of events surrounding Richard III, more people will be more inclined to take a look at history from a different perspective than that which is promoted by those who are funded by an establishment which often wishes to hoodwink people into believing lies. Anyone with even the slightest interest in the truth about Richard III, might also take a look at the truth surrounding the myth (lies) about the causes of World War 1 and the utterly evil settlement (arranged by bankers and lawyers): The Treaty of Versailles...


Tess said...

Good King Richard!

Thank you...

Christina said...

Yes indeed!

Thank you for your comment :-)