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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Prince Harry as Tsar?

How incredible is this amazing story? I doubt it will come to pass but stranger things have happened...and what a lovely thing that would be!

Prince Harry as Tsar


Anonymous said...

I like Russia. I find them quite similiar to British people in that their outwardly frosty demenor hides a loyal, warm heart...but Harry is undoubtedly British and I think he is far too proud to be British to ever want to rule over another country. This is the man who risked his life alongside his compatriots to serve in his grandmothers army. And let's imagine if Russia and England ever went to war against one another? No, Harry's heart and blood is British through and through. I don't think there is a title or amount of money that could change that.

Christina said...

I am sure it won't happen and you are correct...and it is still a pleasant thought that the memeory of Romanovs is still very much alive in Russia...