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Saturday 25 May 2013

"Wonderful Walter"

I am delighted that very soon, as I continue to work on a biography of Princess Alice, we will be bringing out a series of children’s books – ‘Wonderful Walter’.

Beautifully and brilliantly illustrated by photographer and artist, Andre Hilliard, who created the concept of the books (and who, incidentally, has a fascinating new blog: Andre Hilliard Blog) the stories are designed for 7-11-year-olds and follow the exploits of Walter, a boy who always wants to solve problems (his own and other people’s!) but his solutions usually lead to all kinds of catastrophes.
Set in London in 1946, the stories include historical details of life in the immediate post-war era (many of which are relevant to the Year 6 National Curriculum) and are peopled by interesting characters such as grumpy old Mr Grimshaw, of whom Walter is terrified, particularly when his pensive friend, Greville, tells him that ‘Old Grimshaw’s’ dark house is filled with dancing skeletons; and Uncle Hugh, Walter’s mother’s kindly but taciturn uncle, who understands everything and usually clears up Walter’s catastrophes.
The first book in the series will be available soon in Kindle format and in hard copy shortly afterwards...

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