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Friday 18 May 2012

Coming soon...Shattered Crowns: The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice is the second novel in the Shattered Crowns trilogy, following the royalties of Europe from 1913 to the Treaty of Versailles. The Sacrifice covers the the period from the outbreak of war to the Russian revolution (1914-1917), during which time the Emperors of Austria, Russia and Germany realise that this is not a war for territory or even honour but is rather a means of destroying their autocracies to replace them with secular ideologies and international economic control. As Kaiser Wilhelm, Tsar Nicholas, Emperor Franz Josef, Archduke (later Emperor) Karl and Queen Marie of Roumania face the horrors of war and suffer for their people, they are also confronted by their own personal and family tragedies.

I did not find this book easy to write because the subject matter is so horrific but I trust I have been able to capture these characters as accurately as possible, and have perhaps dispelled some of the myths surrounding their role in the First World War.
The first book in the trilogy: Shattered Crowns: The Scapegoats is already available on Amazon and in various bookshops

This book will be available next month and, to celebrate its launch, I have now reduced the price of my earliest novels (The Counting House and The Fields Laid Waste) on Kindle to a minimum!


May said...

Sounds wonderful! The cover design is very evocative of the sacrifice.

Christina said...

Thank you very much, Matterhorn. Poppies are so evocative aren't they? I cannot pass a field of poppies without thinking of all these people.

Tess said...

I'm so looking forward to reading the
second part of the trilogy.

Beautiful cover...


Christina said...

Thank you very much, Tess :-) I hope you will enjoy it!