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Monday 19 November 2012

All Things Beautiful

Over the next few weeks, my American friends and I will be uploading a series of podcasts on a variety of subjects. We began today with an interview about my novel 'Most Beautiful Princess' which is now available at the top right corner of this site, or here:

 "Interview about Most Beautiful Princess"

Many thanks to Kate Morris and Syzygy for allowing us to use 'Waltz Eddie'  - at a later date we hope to host an interview with these musicians, as well as discussing all kinds of subjects related to anything which is beautiful, from perfumes to photography, from books to gardens and stately homes, from art to animals and much more besides. There is so much written in newspapers about dark and unpleasant subjects and our aim is to present podcasts which focus on loveliness in all its forms, including a variety of interviews.

I hope you'll enjoy listening to our podcasts!


Gem said...

Dear Christina, I listened to your interview, and I really enjoyed it! I'm amazed that we're quite similar in the way that we first got to know about the Grand Duchess Elizabeth. I've also come across an article about her like 10 years ago, and I was surprised to know that she was a Romanov but a rather unfamiliar figure in history. Good thing that by now, many more people are getting to know her and the story of her life. I hope that more people will be inspired by her story.

Christina said...

Thank you, Gem :-). How interesting that we had the same experience! She must have decided it was time to be better known!