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Tuesday 6 November 2012

More of Queen Louise's Concerns

Two days after sending the letter described in the previous post, Queen Louise of the Belgians wrote again to Queen Victoria, with further concerns about her father’s visit to England:

“My dearly beloved Victoria,
...We are quite sure, I assure you, that you and Albert will take care of him and that he is with you in safe hands. And what makes my mother uneasy is the fear that, being at liberty and without control, he will do too much, as she says, le jeune homme, ride, go about and do everything as if he were twenty years old. If I must tell you all the truth, she is afraid also he will eat too much. I am sure he will tell it to you himself, as he was so much amused with this fear; but to do her pleasure, being well assured by me that you would allow it, and that is was even customary, he has given up, of himself, all thought of attending early breakfast....I will also only say that, though he has sent over his horses in case they should be wanted, my mother begs, if possible, his riding at all. I wrote to her already that I supposed there would be no occasion for riding, and that you promenades would either be on foot or in a carriage....”

I can’t help thinking that the King was probably looking forward to a break from the excessive concern of his family!

However, five days later, Queen Louise was clearly happy about the care that he had been shown:

My dearly beloved Victoria,
...I thank you very much for attending to all my recommendations about my father. I only fear they will lead you to think we view him as a great child and treat him like one. [that thought did cross my mind!!]; but he is so precious and dear to us all that I am sure you will understand and excuse our being overanxious...
Yours most devotedly,

And the King returned safely and happily to France (only to be deposed shortly afterwards).

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