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Saturday 21 December 2013

The Christmas Spirit Every Day

As Christmas week is about to start – the season of kindness and goodwill – this is a very beautiful example of how people all over the world are living the Christmas spirit every day of the year:

Newspapers and television news concentrate so much on the darker side of what is happening in the world that it can seem that darkness is the norm, whereas, in fact, the world is not a place of fear and unkindness, but rather a place filled with beautiful people and beautiful creatures who are carrying out ‘random acts of kindness’ every day. I am sure that if the news media focussed more on the goodness in the world - rather than spreading fear and mistrust - peace, love, kindness and beauty would not only be more apparent but also would spread so quickly that we would all be transformed in no time and the spirit of Christmas would truly be visible to everyone.  

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