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Wednesday 8 February 2017

A Very Strange Kind of Love

What is all this Love Trumps Hate business? It seems to be a very strange kind of love that goes out onto the streets leaving an awful mess for someone else to clear up.
It is an even stranger kind of love that not only attacks the President but also his family including his young son.
It is a weird kind of love which accuses a man of being sexist then sets out to destroy a business woman by removing her products from countless shops just because she his daughter.
It is a very weird kind of love which claims to be against racism but then mocks the alleged racist’s wife for her supposedly poor English (even though she speaks five languages!).
It is a very, very, very strange sort of love that inspires attention-seeking singers and actors to jump on the bandwagon and say they would like to blow up the White House.
It is a strange kind of love that makes one person the scapegoat for all the evils in society, and rakes up things that happened over a decade ago to prove a point.
It is a strange kind of love that makes it alright for one President to impose a ban on immigrants than rages in anger because another does it for a shorter time.
There’s so much hypocrisy around all of this, that is quite startling!

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