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Sunday 19 February 2017

What Is and Isn't Acceptable - Has the World Gone Mad?

It is alarming and bizarre to see that there was such an outcry on Twitter because America's First Lady began a speech by reciting The Lord's Prayer.

...But there is no outcry about the amount of satanic imagery presented even to very young children by the music industry. Very young girls imitate the weird 'dances' of these people, who choose to perform in dark theatres surrounded by dancers dressed as devils...

...use satanic gestures...

....and even present imagery of satanic sacrifices...

...but they complain about Melania Trump saying a prayer???


Jayne Austen-Healey said...

This is all sad and shocking. Thank you for the post.

Christina said...

Thank you, Jayne. It is shocking, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I think some people were shocked because the presidency should include everybody, not only Christians. Maybe others were shocked that being from such a religious and observant family as the Trumps obviously are, the First Lady should need a cue card to recite such a simple prayer.
Now, the Satanic Music Industry... Erm... Maybe you could try to learn a bit about satanism, which is definitely not the same thing as witchcraft? Now, I don't know where the pictures you used to make your point came from or in which context they were taken. The one with Madonna looks like it could have been taken on Halloween. (plus, the dancers aren't necessarily devils: a lot of mythological characters had horns and it could allude to that) I can't say much about the one with Beyoncé and her husband. He's making what is usually known as devil horns in heavy metal, and she's doing OKs with her fingers (or glasses maybe). I don't feel any danger here, to be honest. In the last one, Lady Gaga is covered in fake blood. How is that related to the devil? I've heard her speak about being raped. It could have been about that. Now, it's extremely graphic, but has nothing to do with celebrating evil rites, does it?

Interesting stuff about Mr. Trump and religion: http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/21/politics/trump-religion-gospel/

Christina said...

Thank you for commenting, ‘Anonymous’.
I think it would have been impossible for anyone to include a prayer that appeals to every religion, but the Lord’s Prayer is similar to prayers that are used in many, many religions, and the First Lady is a Christian. It doesn’t surprise me that she read it from a prayer card, as English is not her first language, and also, faced with such an enormous crowd, anyone is likely to forget the words to something which they might or might not know very well.
Regarding the music industry: I did not mention witchcraft, about which I have a read a great deal, and do not in any way associate it with what I called satanism. I am very aware, too, of the ‘goats-foot god’, the Green Man, and many other beliefs and practices which are nothing like what I described as ‘satanism’. I used that word as a general – perhaps imprecise – term to suggest that there is something very dark and unhealthy about the way in which the music industry operates. The fact that, after I wrote this post, a singer had two burning effigies of skeletons of Theresa May and Donald Trump on stage at the Brit Awards, merely adds to my point. Madonna was not performing this strange act at a one-off Halloween party but rather repeatedly performed it during her 2015-16 Rebel Heart tour, during which she, dressed as a devil straddled someone dressed as a priest. The fake blood and dark stage is also ‘dark’ in that it is performed in dark theatres and Lady Gaga, on another occasion, scooped fake blood off a naked woman:
On another occasion, Lady Gaga paid someone to vomit on the stage, while she was performing. The lyrics to her song ‘Monster’, for example, are equally disturbing, particularly when she has young girls as fans.
As role models for young girls, which is better? A smartly dressed woman saying the Lord’s Prayer or women dressed as gyrating devils, or scooping up fake blood?

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is Anonymous striking back again! I agree with you: it would have been hard to find a prayer that appeals to every religion, not to mention people who don't believe or agnostics. Which is why I think that prayers may not be appropriate at political rallies. There are values that unite a country: you can appeal to that with other texts. It's also strange that, in a country that boasts of fostering freedom of religion, among other core values, such a thing should be ignored. There's also, as I mentioned, the fact that Mr. Trump seems to be anything but a Christian. As a matter of fact, he's probably closer to a Laveyian Satanist, whose creed has much more to do with worshiping one's self and working towards one's own satisfaction without caring for anyone but your own self than anything else. (You might've guessed that I'm no fan of the Donald and his policies.)

As to Melania, she does look pretty nice in her First Lady guise, but she didn't always look so proper. She used to be a model, and she did lots of pictures where she was skimpily dressed, to say the least. Some controversial pictures of her also resurfaced during the campaign, if I recall correctly.

So who is the best model for young girls: a woman who built her life upon her looks, and who doesn't seem to have much to say for herself (or even by herself) or another woman who built her career on her artistic talents (whether one likes them or not), who has her own caritative foundation (that works with the Berkman Center at Harvard amongst other activities), who is very vocal about the importance of peace, of the importance of stopping bullying, of inclusion; raises funds for several causes, who has been speaking at conferences with the Dalai Lama about kindness...

As to burning effigies, surely you are aware that it's a centuries-old "ritual" to protest against rulers (often used by people who don't have much power themselves). These days, people in Mexico routinely burn Trump effigies to protest against his policies, like his famous wall, or his very charitable immigration policies.

I have to go, as its being late here: but if you reply and wish to continue this interesting debate, I could send you my next reply at the address you give in your blogger profile, if it suits you better. I anonymously wish you a great sunday ;)

Christina said...

Thank you for replying, 'Anonymous'. We can, by all means, continue this discussion here - perhaps other people might choose to join in, too. I cannot reply properly at the moment, but will be back!

Christina said...

Anonymous - better late than never in my response! The British Parliament begins every day with prayers and comprises people of various faiths none of whom objects to the fact that the prayers are Christian. I do not think we are any of us in a position to judge whether or not President Trump is Christian - his spirituality is between him and his creator.
Yes, Melania Trump was formerly a model; and President Trump said some very unpleasant things. I am more interested in the present though - as we all have things in our past that we would rather not have happened - but that shows only that we attain greater wisdom. There is nothing wrong with admitting that we made mistakes, for, as some one once wrote, it shows that we are wiser today than we were yesterday.
The claims about Madonna's great philanthropic works are rather questionable, since the parents of one of her adopted children had no say in the matter and wanted their child back. One of her own children could not bear to be around her and so moved out, and, if I were a young daughter or son of a woman who dressed as she does, I would be thoroughly embarrassed by such ridiculous behaviour. Melania Trump WAS a model. Now she behaves with decorum as a mother.
Just because burning effigies is something that has gone for a long time, does not make it right; and I think it is appalling that when Katie Perry was a guest in our country, she saw fit to burn an effigy of our Prime Minister. Who do these people think they are?