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Monday 16 November 2015

How Well Do You Know...Queen Victoria's Children?

(Below, too, are the answers to yesterday's question - How well do you know Princess Alice)

Queen Victoria’s Children
1.  From which of her sons bedrooms did Queen Victoria remove a portrait of Lily Langtry while he slept?
2.  What instrument did Affie teach himself to play?
3.  What was the name of the attendant known familiarly to the children as ‘Laddle’?
4.  Which of her sons did Queen Victoria describe as ‘
our great delight so full of fun and conversation and so full of anxiety to learn – always at something, never an instant idle – such steam power, such energy it is such a great pleasure to see this…and he is so handsome.”

5. What was the name of the phrenologist whom Prince Albert invited to examine his children’s heads?
6. Which of her children did Queen Victoria describe as ‘ in some things clever…but...very odd; dreadfully contradictory, very indiscreet’?
7. What did Queen Victoria call ‘the greatest maxim of all’ with regard to children?
8. What was the name of the yacht on which the children were sailing from Osborne to the mainland when it struck a smaller boat, resulting in the drowning of four people?
9. What was the name of the academy which Louise attended in order to further her artistic endeavours? 
10. What was the name of the toy fort and barracks which Queen Victoria’s son built for themselves to play in at Osborne?
11. Which of Queen Victoria’s children did she describe as ‘one bright spot on which I love to dwell’? 
12. Whom did Prince Leopold wish to marry, but, finding she was already in love with someone else, persuaded his mother to provide for her a home in England so she could marry the man she had chosen?   

Answers to yesterday's questions:

1. Alice’s full name was Alice Maud Mary – in whose honour was the name ‘Mary’ included?  Queen Victoria’s aunt, the Duchess of Gloucester
2. Which of her godfathers arrived ‘just in time to be too late’ for her christening? Ernest, King of Hanover
3. After Lady Lyttelton had retired, what was the name of Alice’s governess? Miss Hildyard
4. In which city (then a town) in northern England did Alice make her first official appearance? Leeds
5. How old was Alice when she first witnessed an assassination attempt on her mother? Six – William Hamilton attempted to shoot the Queen but his pistol had not been properly loaded.
6. Which – then potentially fatal – illness did Alice contract in 1855? Scarlet fever
7. Which housing reformer took Alice incognito through the London slums and later advised her on housing improvements in Darmstadt? Octavia Hill
8. Which novel by Sir Walter Scott was Alice reading to her father in the days leading up to his death? The Talisman
9. Which controversial theologian, who dedicated a book to Alice, gained great influence over her and, according to the French Ambassador, ‘shook her faith to the depths’? David Strauss
10. Which English reformer who had done much to improve the education of girls in India accompanied Alice through the schools in Darmstadt following the Congress of Women, which the princess has organised? Mary Carpenter
11. After whose death did Alice write to her mother: “You understand, how long and deep my grief must be,” she wrote. “And does not one grow to love one’s grief, as having become part of the being one loved – as if through this one could still pay a tribute of love to them, to make up for the terrible loss, and missing of not being able to do anything for the beloved anymore?”   Her little son, Frittie

12. What were Alice’s last words? Dear Papa

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