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Wednesday 18 November 2015

How Well Do You Know...Queen Victoria's Grandsons?

(The answers to How Well Do You Know  Queen Victoria's Granddaughters are below)
1. Which of Queen Victoria’s grandsons was the first member of the Royal Family to incur a speeding fine?
2. What was the name of the curate of Whippingham church whom Queen Victoria selected as tutor to Eddy and George of Wales?
3. Who was known to his siblings as ‘Kiki’?
4. Which of Queen Victoria’s grandsons was the first royal prince to attend Eton College?
5. What nicknames were given to Eddy and George of Wales by their fellow sea cadets?
6.  Where did Wilhelm and Henry of Prussia spend two years in a public school?
7. Who, according to Vicky, was ‘too inexperienced and heedless and giddy to resist temptations’ at the Potsdam Military Training Academy?
8. Which two grandsons attended the Board of Trade’s inquiry into the Titanic disaster?
9. What did Wilhelm of Prussia and his cousin Albert of Schleswig-Holstein do to calm their anxiety when they first heard of the telegram from Austria to Serbia which would precipitate the First World War?
10. How did George V fracture his pelvis during the First World War?
11. Which of the grandsons was imprisoned in a former Serbian prisoner-of-war camp?
12. Who was the first member of the Royal Family to take up a career in business, beginning as an ordinary clerk with Lazard Brothers?

Answers to...How Well Do You Know...Queen Victoria’s Granddaughters?
1. Which of Queen Victoria’s granddaughters smoked so much that her mother described her as smelling like a walking cigar box?
Charlotte of Prussia
2. Which of Queen Victoria’s granddaughters turned down the future Kaiser Wilhelm II and Prince Frederick of Baden before horrifying the Queen by her choice of husband?
Ella of Hesse
3. Which of Queen Victoria’s granddaughters was rumoured to be betrothed to the King of Spain before he married her cousin, Ena of Battenberg?
Patricia of Connaught
4. What disaster befell Louise of Wales and her family in the winter of 1911?
A shipwreck
5. Which 2 of Queen Victoria’s granddaughters married their first cousins?
Irene of Hesse and Ducky (Victoria Melita) of Edinburgh
6. Which of Queen Victoria’s granddaughters founded the Women’s Auxiliary Force during WW1?
Thora of Schleswig-Holstein
7. Name the five granddaughters who became Queens/Empresses.
Marie of Roumania, Alexandra of Russia, Sophie of Greece, Victoria Eugenie of Spain, Maud of Norway
8. Which granddaughter had 2 sons killed in action during WW1?
Mossy (Margaret) of Prussia/Hesse-Kassel
9. Of whom was Queen Victoria speaking when she told the Governor of Canada, “Tell my granddaughter to come home to me.”?
Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein
10. Who, following a failed romance, decided she was too fat to be loved and embarked on a drastic diet bordering on anorexia?
Moretta of Prussia
11. Which 4 of the granddaughters converted to different faiths?
Ella & Alix of Hesse, Sophie of Prussia, Ena of Battenberg
12. Whom did Vicky refer to as ‘my Benjamin’?
Her youngest daughter, Mossy (Margaret)

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