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Saturday 5 March 2011

A Return to The Age of Elegance

If ever you feel down in the dumps or under the weather; or if ever you look around the modern world and feel a little disheartened at much of what passes for music, fashion, literature and art today, and you long for a return to the Age of Elegance and culture...and sheer joy... I cannot recommend Andre Rieu highly enough!

Within about thirty seconds of watching the DVD of his Australian concert, I was transported to another world! Here is a little clip of it:

Andre Rieu

His beauty, the beauty he creates and his joie de vivre are so uplifting and his work is like a brilliantly shining light in the world of Art and Entertainment. Isn’t it interesting that thousands of people flock to his concerts? People of all ages and cultures laugh and cry at his concerts because his music and, even more, his passion for recreating that Golden Age of Imperial Austria seems to touch something of the beauty within us all.

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