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Sunday 20 March 2011

"There's Nowt So Queer As Folk"

There’s a saying here in the North of England, “There’s nowt so queer as folk” – roughly translated as ‘People are very bizarre.”

It’s very true, isn’t it? This is the first of a few posts about how bizarre things seem to me. I appreciate that some things might be controversial and that it might sound arrogant to express such an opinion, but what the heck! The deeper you delve into history or look at the present state of affairs, the more bizarre things appear and it is astounding really that so many things are taken for granted or old mistakes are incessantly repeated without being questioned. These are just my thoughts...

It’s bizarre that ‘The Tamworth Two’ – the two pigs who became a legend after
escaping from an abattoir and finding their way to freedom – became national heroes and everyone smiles at their brilliant escape....and then the same people who smile at that, sit down to a pork dinner or a bacon sandwich???

It’s bizarre that people who gush at the beauty of new born lambs think nothing of tucking into a chop, as though those beautiful and inspiring creatures had no feeling at all.

It’s bizarre that Christian countries could ever have been so anti-Semitic when Jesus was Jewish.

It’s bizarre that virtually every revolution or war that was fought in the name of ‘Liberty’, simply paved the way for greater tyranny, and people accepted it.

It’s bizarre that while the whole world is united in our desire to do all that we can to aid the Japanese people who are enduring the effects of the tsunami and earthquake, we silently sit by and watch the planes fly over Libya possibly killing many more people (as happened in Iraq)....

It’s bizarre that our planes now attack Gaddafi who, only a short time ago was being
embraced by Tony Blair and by the (unelected) president of the European Union.

It’s bizarre that every military intervention in recent times is described as an effort to protect the innocent people who are being attacked by dictators, yet we did nothing in Zimbabwe or other African countries.

It’s bizarre that people are swept up in the idea that we are responsible for climate change when we all know that the earth has moved through so many climatic shifts (ice ages, times of heating etc.) long before humanity had any part to play in it. (Who was responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs or dodos??)

It’s bizarre that the First World War is often called an imperial war when in fact not one single monarch or emperor wanted that war and it was all devised by politicians and ministers behind the scenes.

It’s bizarre that those who ousted the kings couldn’t wait to step into their palaces...and people still believed that these people were acting for their good!

It’s bizarre that most of us spend our lives living by the clock instead of by our natural instincts to rise when we’re ready and sleep when we’re ready and eat when we’re ready. Animals and plants seem far more attuned to Nature, and are far healthier!

It’s bizarre that the sick are so often seen as ‘brave’ or ‘heroes’ and in Christianity, sickness is seen as something that can be offered to God. Many saints of the past longed for suffering and martyrdom as a sign of their love??! – bizarre!!! If Jesus had thought that way, when he met a leper or a blind man, he would have praised their sacrifice rather than telling them they were healed!

Well, that’s a start...I hope to go into more specific details in the next few posts and trust that if this is offensive or simply arrogant, it is merely a record of my observations...

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