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Saturday 7 August 2010

"Beggars and Kings"

I would be so grateful if someone could contact me about a particular song I heard once or twice about 25 years ago.

I was in France and, before leaving, had left a tape in the deck to record some music to take with my Walkman. Long story short, in Paris one afternoon I came into a very tricky situation involving a rather scary man. At a moment of intense fear I had, for no apparent reason, the clearest image in my head of a particular soldier who was killed on the Somme, as though he were standing immediately beside me, at which point the scary man suddenly looked terrified, raised his hands and ran away. I then seemed to be led back to the boat train and, listening to my Walkman, heard this song...which I have never heard anywhere since and have been searching for the writer of them for 25 years.
The lyrics, as I remember them are:

"....In the cool November air, I thought I heard you calling
But I knew you were not there.
I was standing by the telephone
Where the farmers go to pray
For those who died, waiting to send them on their way....

Beggars and kings all seem the same when it's over,
Buried below the ground on a frozen day...
Beggars and kings all have to get older
Whether they lose or win,
Whether the wind blows kindly or the rain sets in,
Beggars and kings...."

If you are or know the writer of this song,or are the person who recorded it (I think it was recorded by someone called Linda...) please get in touch and tell me where I can find a copy.

Thanks in anticipation.


Heart of the Wood said...

Hi Christina, there's a song called "Beggars and Kings" by Linda Lewis. I am trying to find a copy just now to see if the lyrics match your memory - the lyrics themselves don't seem to be posted on any lyric website that I've found so far.

Heart of the Wood said...

No luck so far, but I can tell you it was on the 1979 album Hacienda View and also appeared as the B-side of Linda Lewis' single Jamaica Highway.

Christina said...

Thank you so very much for this! Someone emailed me with the same information so I am sure that this is the song I have been searching for, for years! Oh the wonders of the internet and kind people who respond to requests!!
Thank you so much!