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Thursday 10 December 2015

How Well Do You Know...Royal Celebrations of the 19th/early 20th centuries?

How Well Do You Know...Royal Celebrations of the 19th/early 20th centuries? (The answers to the previous quiz are below)
1. Which Queen’s position in the order of precedence at Queen Victoria’s Gold Jubilee irked Wilhelm of Prussia (later the Kaiser) who felt he should have been placed in a superior position to her?
2. Which territories were annexed by Austria-Hungary ostensibly in celebration of Franz Josef’s Diamond Jubilee?
3. What dynastic achievement did the Russian Imperial Family celebrate in 1913?
4. At whose wedding celebrations were George V, Wilhelm II and Nicholas II together for the last time?
5. Where was the Thanksgiving Service for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee held?
6. For what was a Thanksgiving Service held in London in early 1872?
7. At whose wedding celebrations did Alix of Hesse accept Nicholas of Russia’s marriage proposal?
8. With what item of jewellery did Queen Victoria present all her granddaughters in celebration of her Golden Jubilee?
9. Which royal couple celebrated their Silver Wedding anniversary in 1883?
10. At whose birthday celebrations were the Prince of Orange, the Prince Regent and several of his brothers found lying intoxicated beneath a table?
11. What pet animal did Princess Alice receive for her fourth birthday?
12. What were Franz Ferdinand and Sophie celebrating on the day of their assassination?
13. What feast day were the Serbs celebrating on the day of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination?

How Well Do You Know...Royal Scandals in the 19th/early 20th Centuries?
1.  The ‘Delicate Investigation’ was established to look into whose supposedly scandalous life?
Caroline of Brunswick – the then Princess of Wales, wife of the future George IV
2. Which unfortunate woman was committed to an asylum for the insane following a scandal involving Bertie, the Prince of Wales?
Harriet Mordaunt
3. Which artist’s sudden death led to a scandal involving Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Louise?
Joseph Boehm
4. Which young German princess became pregnant by a footman?
Marie of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
5. What was the Tranby Croft affair?
An illegal gambling scandal to which Bertie, Prince of Wales, was a witness.
6. What was General Dietrich von Hülsen-Haeseler wearing when he died suddenly of a heart attack while dancing in front of Kaiser Wilhelm II?
A tutu
7. At which insalubrious Chicago club was Henry of Prussia entertained during his tour of the United States?
The Everleigh Club
8. Who was sent into temporary exile for attempting to influence the Weymouth election?
Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland
9. Which Austrian Emperor’s father was seen in a hotel in Vienna wearing only his military honours?
Karl I’s
10. Prince Albert Victor was alleged to have visited a male brothel, calling himself ‘Victoria’, on which London street?
Cleveland Street
11. How did the illness of Lady Flora Hastings lead to a scandal involving Queen Victoria?
The Queen thought she was pregnant and insisted she should undergo a medical examination, during which it was discovered that she had a fatal tumour.
12. Which tragic scandal threatened to mar the silver wedding anniversary celebrations of Alfred & Marie of Edinburgh, and how did Marie deal with it?
Their son was suffering from venereal disease and behaving so insanely that Marie sent him away to Merano where he died shortly afterwards. 

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