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Wednesday 2 December 2015

How Well Do You Know...Royal Weddings of the 19th/Early 20th centuries?

How Well Do You Know...Royal Weddings of the 19th/Early 20th centuries? (The answers to the previous quiz are below)
1. Whose marriage led Queen Victoria to declare, “I hate weddings!”
2. Which of Queen Victoria’s children married a commoner (albeit an aristocratic one!)?
3. Which of Queen Victoria’s children had to use a walking stick on his wedding day?
4. At whose wedding did the recently-bereaved celebrant, the Archbishop of Canterbury, weep throughout the ceremony?
5. Who met her future husband while attending the wedding of her cousin, Moretta of Prussia?
6. Where did Princess Alice marry Louis of Hesse?
7. Which member of the Russian Imperial Family tried to elope with one unsuitable bride before secretly marrying another?
8. The wedding of which of Queen Victoria’s children caused a great stir in the Prussian Royal Family as they believed the groom was unworthy of his bride?
9. Whose wedding was marred by an assassination attempt which led to the deaths of many bystanders and members of the suite?
10. Whose marriage was so frowned upon by the Austrian court that not one member of the groom’s family attended the wedding?
11. Who caused a scandal at his daughter’s wedding by announcing that he had secretly married his mistress?
12. Who, in 1902, left his niece’s wedding early in order to run away with his mistress?

How Well Do You Know...19th/early 20th century Royal Nicknames?
1. What did the young William II call his sister, Charlotte, in a childish attempt to say ‘sister’?
2. Who was known as Missy to her family?
Marie of Edinburgh/Coburg/Roumania
3. Who was known as Mossy to her family?
Margaret of Prussia
4. What abbreviated form of his name did Marie of Roumania call her husband?
5. By what shortened version of one of her names was Queen Victoria known as a child?
6. Who was known as Sunny when she was a child?
Alix of Hesse/Empress Alexandra
7. Who was Fischy?
Friedrich of Hesse-Kassel
8. By which 2 nicknames was Christian Victor known to his family?
Christle and Kiki
9. By what nickname was Victoria Melita of Edinburgh known?
10. What cruel name did Alexandra, Princess of Wales, call her niece, Thora of Schleswig-Holstein?
11. Who was Prince Eddy?
Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence & Avondale
12. Which tragic heir to a throne was called Sunbeam by his mother?
Tsarevich Alexei

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