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Tuesday 8 December 2015

How Well Do You Know...Royal Scandals in the 19th/early 20th Centuries?

How Well Do You Know...Royal Scandals in the 19th/early 20th Centuries? (The answers to yesterday's quiz are below)
1.  The ‘Delicate Investigation’ was established to look into whose supposedly scandalous life?
2. Which unfortunate woman was committed to an asylum for the insane following a scandal involving Bertie, the Prince of Wales?
3. Which artist’s sudden death might have provoked a scandal involving Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Louise?
4. Which young German princess became pregnant by a footman?
5. What was the Tranby Croft affair?
6. What was General Dietrich von Hülsen-Haeseler wearing when he died suddenly of a heart attack while dancing in front of Kaiser Wilhelm II?
7. At which insalubrious Chicago club was Henry of Prussia entertained during his tour of the United States?
8. Who was sent into temporary exile for attempting to influence the Weymouth election?
9. Which future Austrian Emperor’s father was once seen walking through a hotel wearing only his military honours?
10. Prince Albert Victor was alleged to have visited a male brothel, calling himself ‘Victoria’, on which London street?
11. How did the illness of Lady Flora Hastings lead to a scandal involving Queen Victoria?
12. Which tragic scandal threatened to mar the silver wedding anniversary celebrations of Alfred & Marie of Edinburgh, and how did Marie deal with it?
How Well Do You Know...Royal Disputes in the 19th/early 20th Centuries?
1. For what ‘offence’ did Wilhelm II threaten to arrest his sister, Sophie, if she ever set foot in Germany again?
Converting to Greek Orthodoxy
2. Whose wedding in 1866 did the Prince & Princess of Wales threaten to boycott?
Princess Helena & Prince Christian’s
3. How did Archduke Franz Ferdinand take revenge on Ferdinand of Bulgaria when he insisted on having his train carriage coupled closest to the engine en route to the funeral of Edward VII?
He refused him access to the dining car
4. Whose influence led to a heated argument between the Tsarina Alexandra and her sister, Ella, at their final meeting?
5. Whose jewels led to dispute between Queen Victoria and her uncle, the King of Hanover?
Queen Charlotte’s
6. What extreme name did Kaiser Wilhelm call Edward VII?
7. Why was Queen Victoria angered by Prince Albert’s insistence on attending the opening of the gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society in 1861?
Their son, Leopold, was serious ill at Osborne and Queen Victoria said they should not leave him.
8. Who disrupted her parents’ Silver Wedding celebrations by deliberately upstaging her sister-in-law and performing cruel impressions of her?
Charlotte of Prussia
9. How did Princess Louise add to the distress of her sister, Beatrice, following her husband’s death?
She claimed that Beatrice’s husband had been closer to her than to his wife and had made advances towards her.
10. What did Emperor Wilhelm I threaten to do if his daughter-in-law Vicky insisted on continuing to push for a marriage between her daughter Moretta and Alexander Battenberg?
Banish them from the court
11. Whose very public rows caused Vicky much distress during the early years of her marriage?
Her parents-in-law
12. Who refused to allow his wife to attend his coronation?
George IV

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