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Monday 28 December 2015

How Well Do You Know...Royal Jubilees of the 19th/Early 20th Centuries?

How Well Do You Know...Royal Jubilees of the 19th/Early 20th Centuries? (The answers to the previous quiz are below)
1. Which territories were annexed by Austria-Hungary in celebration of Franz Josef’s Diamond Jubilee?
2. Where did the Royal Family attend a service of Thanksgiving for George III’s Golden Jubilee?
3. Why did Queen Victoria initially decide not to invite her grandson, Wilhelm of Prussia, to her Golden Jubilee celebrations? (She later relented.)
4. What jubilee did the Romanovs celebrate in 1913?
5. Whom, at the time of a Silver Jubilee, did Andrew Carnegie describe as ‘anxious for peace and the progress of the world’?
6. When were the first stamps celebrating a royal jubilee issued?
7. Who said, after celebrating a jubilee, “No one ever, I believe, has met with such an ovation as was given to me, passing through those six miles of streets… The crowds were quite indescribable and their enthusiasm truly marvellous and deeply touching.”
8. Why did Queen Victoria not celebrate her Silver Jubilee?
9. In 1911 Prince Arthur of Connaught represented George V at the celebrations of which country’s jubilee of the nation’s unity?
10. Who described Emperor Franz Josef as ‘a noble ruler, true ally, and mighty guardian of peace’ at his Diamond Jubillee?
11. Which people of Franz Josef’s empire refused to participate in his jubilee pageant, and why?
12. What other – more personal – event did Kaiser Wilhelm II celebrate in his Silver Jubilee year?
How Well Do You Know...What Happened When in Royal Events of the 19th/Early 20th Centuries?
1. Who was married on 25th January 1858?
Vicky and Fritz of Prussia
2. Why was the date 10th February so important to Queen Victoria?
It was her wedding day.
3. Why, relating to her birthday, was Queen Victoria’s Connaught granddaughter named Patricia?
She was born on the feast of St Patrick
4. Who was born on April 25th 1843?
5. On what date was Queen Victoria born?
24 May 1819
6. Who celebrated his fourteenth and final wedding anniversary on June 28th 1914?
Franz Ferdinand
7. Who was married on July 6th 1893?
George V (then Duke of York)
8. Who was born on August 26th 1819?
Prince Albert
9.  Which of the Kaiser’s sons died on September 22nd 1948?
10. Which of Queen Victoria’s grandsons was born on 15th October 1874?
11. Which two of Queen Victoria’s children were born in November?
Vicky & Bertie
12. Why did Queen Victoria call 14th December the ‘terrible 14th’?
It was the date of Albert’s death

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