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Friday 4 December 2015

How Well Do You Know...What Queen Victoria Said?

How Well Do You Know...What Queen Victoria Said? (Yesterday's answers are below)
1. What did Queen Victoria say on hearing that her first child was a girl?
2. Whom did Queen Victoria call a ‘poor insignificant princess’?
3. What did Queen Victoria describe as ‘a very nasty object’?
4. What, according to Queen Victoria, did Albert lack during his final illness?
5. What did the Queen describe as a ‘mad wicked folly’ that she was ‘most anxious to check’?
6. What did the Queen describe as ‘a very doubtful happiness’?
7. Who, wrote the Queen, was ‘the one bright spot on which I love to dwell’?
8. Why did the Queen say she was ‘not interested in the possibilities of defeat’?
9. Where was the Queen describing when she wrote that ‘it is impossible to find a prettier spot’?
10. Who, according to the Queen, addressed her as though she were a public meeting?
11. Whom did she jokingly call ‘Merrypebble’?
12. Who, said the Queen, was ‘like a distinguished lady of society but nothing more’?
How Well Do You Know...Royal Transport of the 19th/early 20th centuries?
1. What was the name of the training ship on which Eddy and George of Wales began their sea cadetship?
2. What was the Royal Yacht Victoria & Albert II renamed?
3. On which yacht was Queen Victoria’s body brought back to the mainland from the Isle of Wight for her funeral?
4. Which of the Kaiser’s yachts won the Queen’s Cup in 1896?
Meteor II
5. Queen Victoria was the first British monarch to use which mode of transport?
6. What was the name of Tsar Nicholas II’s favourite yacht?
7. What was the name of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s favourite yacht?
8. Where did the Russian Imperial train derail in 1888, leading the Tsar to support the roof on his shoulders to allow the family to escape?
9. Who, in 1910, organised a series of trials for the Vauxhall Motor Company in return for which a car was named in his honour?
Henry of Prussia
10. For what transport related offence was Maurice of Battenberg fined £3? 
11. Which car had the number plate was A11 118?
The one in which Franz Ferdinand was travelling when he was assassinated
12. Who was the first British monarch to appear at a public event in a motor car?
Edward VII

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