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Monday 21 November 2011

Happy Birthday, Empress Frederick!

Happy Birthday to Queen Victoria’s brilliant daughter, Princess ‘Vicky’ – German Empress Frederick, and mother of Kaiser Wilhelm II!

Some years ago, I visited Osborne House – a place which, more than any other I think, captures the essence of the happy childhood that Vicky and siblings enjoyed. In the gardens around the Swiss Cottage there was such a sense of the children busily planting their flowers and vegetables; and in the little children’s museum, Vicky’s collection of fossils etc. was so moving as it looked like it might have been placed there earlier that day. There was a quite overwhelming sense of Vicky in that place...not surprising really since she forever seemed to long to return to the safe world of her happy childhood.

Continuing the story of the fascinating life of Queen Victoria:


Friday 18 November 2011

Queen Victoria - A series in several parts

It's quite staggering to me that, even after all these years and the vast amount of available information, many people still view Queen Victoria as a humourless and very stern widow. Often, I have asked schoolchildren what they know of her and they invariably say, "She always wore black...she was not amused....she was very strict...."
For this reason we (Hilliard & Croft) are making a series of videos, intending to show her lighter and more human side. We intend to alternate the narration of the videos and this is the first, while I have narrated - and which I hope you will enjoy. The second video in the series will be available shortly.  (The still image is not what we would have chosen, and that will be rectified very soon with a more attractive image!)

Tuesday 15 November 2011

A New Video

I have a new video of the background to 'Most Beautiful Princess':

Please make allowance for my cold!! (The weather has been very damp of late!!)

Tuesday 1 November 2011