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Wednesday 9 January 2008

Mental Footprint

Carbon footprints are all the rage and it's a fad to measure your own, much as it was a fad a couple of years ago for everyone to wear pedometers and walk so many miles a day. Somewhere along the line, someone makes a fortune out of these fads and it makes no difference whatsoever to the overall health of the population or the earth. Here's a wacky idea which I think makes more sense. How about the mental footprint we leave behind wherever we go? No one makes money out of this. No one uses this to promote a product (well...a few people try with strange machines) but it has, I think, a bigger effect on the environment in which we all live than anything else. How often to we go into a place that has an atmosphere of gloom and come away feeling exhausted? How often does a particular historical site retain the atmosphere of ages? Some places have a happy atmosphere, others an atmosphere of gloom. Some people you meet leave you feeling much better about the world, others leave you feeling drained. When a house has been the site of a murder, it is often pulled down, so even the most sceptical must accept there is something going on about atmospheres. My suggestion is that instead of measuring our carbon footprint, we measure our thought-print. If we go among people thinking the worst, being miserable and condemnatory we add to that atmosphere. If we go among people thinking the best, we create harmony and will do far more good to ourselves as well as to others, than counting calories or how many watts we have used. The earth is much older than we are and has come through ice ages and all kinds of geological changes. Humanity is much younger than the earth....how arrogant to think we are more powerful than the environment in which we develop. We are not responsible directly for what happens in the ice caps and the weather systems. We are, though, responsible for our own thoughts...If we want to make the world a better place, the best place to start is in our own minds.


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Christina. I'm working on developing more of a positive attitude daily. I use to be extremly negative, but I feel I've made great strides to look at things in a more positive light.

I see you haven't posted in a while. Are you still blogging? I came across your site through Carla Nayland's blog. I'm a regular reader of Carla's blog.Take care.

Christina said...

Thanks, stevent, for your comment! It makes a difference, doesn't it, when we look at things from a positive perspective? It's not always easy to maintain it but I guess the more we act 'as if' the easier it becomes and the more apparent it is that our thoughts do make have an effect on our circumstances.

I haven't stopped blogging, have just been very busy working on a new novel, which is taking up every spare moment right now and it is almost complete.

Carla's blog is wonderful and I am regular visitor there, too.

If you have a blog yourself and would like to add a link on this site, please just let me know.

Thanks again and take care!


Anonymous said...

I understand. I was busy the end of last year trying to finish up the third revision of my novel, and I didn't blog for about 3 straight months.

You can link to my website: http://steventill.com/. Thanks.

What's your novel about?