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Monday 30 March 2009

The Eye of An Artist

I know a woman who can take an old Wellington boot, a rusty wheelbarrow or even an ordinary brick, fill them with flowers and turn them into the most exquisitely beautiful features of an 'English country garden'. I know someone who can throw a rug over a chair, put a few plants in the right place and turn the dullest room into an enchanted place. It's surely a gift - an artist's eye - and there is something so uplifting about gazing at the beauty that artists create.
This morning, seeing the new photographs on André Hilliard's site (the one posted here is taken from there) and thought how utterly beautiful it is to have the eye of an artist to be able to view things in such a way as to create and capture images that speak so immediately to the finest part of ourselves. The depths of colour; the minute attention to detail, all the things we normally rush past and don't notice, pointed out in such images raise the soul to its true dignity.
If, in the midst of so much noise and the clamour of the world and emptiness of political rhetoric, you like to find refreshment in reality and the beauty that is there when it is pointed out to us, you, too, will surely love these beautiful, artistic images:


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