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Saturday 5 December 2009

What Happened to the BBC's Impartiality?

How predictable political matters are, when we look back at history and follow the channels of propaganda through the decades!

Following the briefest of reports of the leaked emails regarding the doctoring of so-called 'global warming' data, the BBC (an authority which, until now, I trusted) suddenly has gone overboard on local news as well as national news emphasising the same old message. Those many hundreds of scientists who oppose the party line were described today as 'a minority' and overlooked in a fraction of a second, while interviews were given to all those who spout the usual line.

Perhaps there is climate change but insufficient air time has been given to those who don't accept that. More importantly, even less time has been given to those (like me) who accept that the climate is constantly changing but doubt that this has anything to do with the human impact on it - which seems the most arrogant assertion of Mankind ever! Do these arrogant people truly believe that there is no power beyond their own claim for it? Have they never looked at history? The various ages show the way this planet has changed but they quote records only for the past 50 and 100 years, forgetting the centuries before that!

How revolting is Al Gore, with his investments in companies for whom these kinds of things are are very profit-worthy, as well as seizing even more control to the little core of people who like to control everyone and everything (poor pathetic creatures!). And now we hear President Obama will attend Copenhagen (undoubtedly with his huge escort of cars and planes - and massive 'carbon footprint') to tell the rest of us that from now on we must use light bulbs that give no light (and are packed, apparently, with mercury) which, because they are energy-saving means the Government can take 9p in tax for every one of them that is sold, and can make a law to remove the brighter ones from the shelves....So we go blind in this half-light and won't be able to read the small print on all the other laws that they sneak through in the name of protecting us. Good heavens!! I thought Lenin was bad, and he snatched power from only one country. Nowadays, it becomes more and more apparent even in America - the 'land of the free' - and in Britain, whose proud heritage has been side-lined to some unelected European power.

Al Gore, and all the others who are claiming to be God in this, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. If you really care for the planet, care for the creatures on it - the people and the animals (don't kill them to eat!), and the plants (individually!) - instead of going around proclaiming doom as a false prophet!

BBC, please give us at least a fair debate, and be the unbiased corporation you were created to be, instead of yielding to your control-minded masters at every turn!


Anonymous said...

You're brave to comment on this and I agree that the BBC tends to be generally biased these days! I'm not going to say what I think because I find the whole subject very boring and annoying. What about topics like Tibet? Have we forgotten the Tibetans? There's hardly any news about anything other than climate change.

Christina said...

Thank you for your comment. I completely agree with you - Tibet is never mentioned.