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Friday 5 March 2010

Live and Let Live

It's a bizarre thing that when people believe strongly in something we have a need to make everyone else believe the same thing. Evangelizing is seen as something essential to some religions in much the same way as political indoctrination is seen as essential to revolutionary groups or parliamentarians. It's very odd.

If people of a religious group believe that God is omnipotent and omnipresent, why do they take it upon themselves to tell another part of humanity that this is so? Surely the omnipresent God is already in that part of humanity, and the omnipotent God has little need of their services? And yet, throughout history, people have, in the name of God, murdered, destroyed, undermined others' beliefs and called it evangelization.

If people of a certain political persuasion believe that there is power in sharing the earth's wealth and resources, why do they take it upon themselves to control others? Surely the recognition of the rights and power of the individual means that each person is capable of making her/his own decisions and doesn't need to be ruled. Why then do those who speak most vociferously for 'the people' attempt control the people with such ferocity? Stalin, Lenin, Hitler - all 'socialists' were actually control-freaks.

In every walk of life it is apparent that those who cling most fervently to an '....ism' are those who are incapable of living the Truth they claim to promote. I just don't understand why there is a need to make some kind of moral law for others when, if we know our own morality, we live it. When a person really knows what he/she believes, there is no need whatsoever for agreement outside him/herself. Don't you agree? Well, if not, we don't need to agree we can live and let live...

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