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Thursday 7 February 2013

Please Return Richard to York!

It’s absolutely understandable that Leicester wishes to keep the body of Richard III since so much effort went into his recovery there but, all things considered, it is surely only right that his last resting place should be in the north of England – in fact in Yorkshire at either York Minster, or in Sheriff Hutton.

Richard loved this place and was (and has remained) loved here. As the Richard III Society demonstrates, the City of York mourned his passing and recognised the loss of ‘Good King Richard’, ' … king Richard late mercifully reigning upon us was thrugh grete treason of the duc of Northfolk [sic] and many other that turned ayenst hyme, with many other lordes and nobilles of this north parties was piteously slane murdred to the grete hevynesse of this citie …'

for they had found him a great supporter of the rights of the people of Yorkshire.

From the Mayor and the Council of the city of York (1476) for his support:

'The saide day and tyme by the forsaide Maire and Counsaile it was holie agreed and assented that the Duk of Gloucestre shall for his grete labour of now late made unto the kinges good grace for the conservacion of the liberties of this Citie, that he shalbe presented at his commyng to the citie with vj swannes and vj pikes'.

A petition, created by Mark Cousins, is currently underway, which absolutely ‘nails’ the argument for his return to Yorkshire:

He was the last King of the House of York and it is recorded that he was popular in and fond of the North and York in particular where he was regarded with much love and affection. It will also place him geographically closer to the remains of his son, Edward the Prince of Wales, whose remains lie in Sherriff Hutton church.”

I hope that a good many people will sign this petition and Richard will be laid to rest in the city that loved him.


Alex-David Baldi said...

Thanks for the e-petition link, Christina. I am about to publish a post on Richard and I will include it in there.

Alex David

Christina said...

Thanks, Alex! The more who sign it, the better!