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Wednesday 4 December 2013

Win a Paperback Copy of Alice, the Enigma

To mark the 4th day of Advent, here is an opportunity to win a copy of the paperback version of my new book: Alice, the Enigma -a biography of Queen Victoria's daughter.

I truly believe that when we are so often bombarded with ugly and destructive images, it would make a huge difference to the world if we spent more time focusing on loveliness, and so , all you need to do to enter is to spend two or three minutes thinking of something beautiful, and then in one or two lines (or more if you prefer) complete this:

"I find beauty in...."

It doesn't matter how well you write. The intention is solely to think of something beautiful and the winner will be chosen at random. 

Please send your sentence(s) as a comment on this post - don't worry it will not be published without your express permission! - by 6 p.m. GMT on Friday, 6th December and the winner will be chosen at random by an independent person and announced on Saturday.

Please call back tomorrow for more offers and giveaways.

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