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Friday 14 February 2014

A Letter of Love on Valentine's Day

For Valentine’s Day, here is a beautiful extract from a letter which Princess Alice wrote to Queen Victoria a few weeks after her marriage:
"If I say I love my dear husband, that is scarcely enough – it is a love and esteem which increases daily, hourly; which he also shows to me by such consideration, such tender, loving ways. What was life before, to what it has become now? There is such a blessed peace being at his side, being his wife; there is such a feeling of security; and we two have a world of our own when we are together, which nothing can intrude upon. My lot is indeed a blessed one; and yet what have I done to deserve that warm, ardent love which my darling Louis ever shows me? I admire his good and noble heart more than I can say...This morning I breakfasted alone as he went out with his regiment. I always feel quite impatient until I hear his steps coming upstairs and see his face when he returns...” 

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