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Monday 14 April 2014

The Truth About Queen Victoria

I am partway through a fascinating book, “Censoring Queen Victoria” by Yvonne M. Ward, which tells of the two men who were chosen to edit the earliest editions of Queen Victoria’s letters – and clearly, you could not have chosen two less appropriate characters! These two men, Esher and Benson, in the sway of Edward VII, had no understanding whatsoever of women, and certainly no understanding of the Queen, and therefore omitted virtually all her maternal references to her children, which show her concern for them, concentrating instead on the men who played an important role in her life. In fact, so misogynistic were they that they more or less reduced the important role she played not only within her own family but also in the country at large to something quite minor. It is a fascinating book, which I highly recommend! My own forthcoming book, in which I aim to demonstrate that, far from being tyrannical, neglectful or cruel parents, Victoria and Albert were forward-thinking and in many ways ahead of their time, will soon be available. With this and the fascinating ‘Censoring Queen Victoria’, I sincerely hope that the era of constantly criticising Albert and Victoria is drawing to an end and making way for a more realistic and accurate picture of these well-meaning and imaginative parents!


Tess said...

Many thanks for a wonderful review of a book I've just started.

When will your new book be available?

Here's to fresh air blowing through the claptrap of the past.


Christina said...

Thank you for commenting, Tess :-) All being well, my new book will be available this summer - thank you for asking! :-)

Unknown said...

What will your new book be called ? Will it be available in paper copy or kindle or both ? We will look out for it.

Christina said...

Thank you for asking, Tony. The book has a working title at present: "Dear Papa, Beloved Mama' and it will be available in Kindle & paperback formats.