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Friday 22 May 2009

Grand Duchess Elizabeth & The Imperial Family

For a clearer and updated version of this, please visit Youtube:


In case the words don't appear clearly, since the images are small....

The first verse is Alix, the Tsarina singing to Alexei, her haemophiliac son; the second verse, Alix sings to her hsuband, Tsar Nicholas, after his abdication:

Close your eyes and let me paint a picture,
A landscape of a season long ago:
Starlit skies, the trees aglow with winter,
St. Petersburg beneath a veil of snow.
From high cathedral spires the bells are ringing,
Chiming through the country near and far,
A thousand voices eloquently singing,
Echoing their prayer: "God bless the Tsar....God bless the Tsar...God Bless the Tsar..."

Close your eyes and let me soothe the sadness,
The paint that brings your gentle eyes to tears.
Love prevails in spite of all this madness -
The love that we have shared through all these years.
And though the battles rage and hope is dying,
Remember who you were and who you are,
With all your heart, you'll hear my spirit sighing,
In a fervent prayer, "God bless the Tsar...."

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