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Wednesday 27 May 2009

Shame on you, Mr. Sarkozy!

The failure to invite Her Majesty the Queen to the D-Day Commemoration is beyond belief: an insult to the only Head of State who was actually involved in the war; an insult to the veterans and their families, to those who died liberating France, and to the whole of Canada and Britain. Of all those who are participating in the events, Her Majesty is surely the one person who most wants to be there and who has the closest connection to those veterans who will be there.
What is the cause of this appalling behaviour on the part of Mr. Sarkozy? Is he so forgetful of the part Britain played in liberating his country, or does he feel a sense of inferiority and humiliation at having to be liberated? Or is he afraid that the presence of so greatly a respected figure would overshadow the adulation being heaped on Mr. Obama? Perhaps Mr. Obama himself has the same fear.
Whatever the reason, this is such a terrible insult to someone who for over 50 years has stood for the real values for which those soldiers died. Sadly the present shameful government of Britain has quite forgotten those values and prefers to run England like a police state while they cover up their own misdemeanours with ridiculous excuses and an utter failure to grasp why people are do angered by them. Small wonder that, with their minds on ways of trying to restore some faith in their own faithless behaviour and cling to power, the Prime Minister and his cabinet quite forgot that the British people have far more respect for their Queen than they have for her parliament, and we would at least have expected them to press for an invitation.
The whole thing is an insult and all those involved in its planning can enjoy being in the spotlight, basking in the reflected glory, while the Queen, with her usual quiet dignity is consigned to watching it on TV. Shame on you, Mr. Sarkozy!

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