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Friday 26 February 2010

More From the Queen's Drawers

A couple of years ago, Queen Victoria's large bloomers - complete with the royal crest - were put up for auction, and now - according to last night's Yorkshire Evening Post - a pair of her silk stockings are about to be auctioned in Edinburgh.
I can't help wondering what the Queen would make of her undergarments being displayed to all and sundry, and wondering how these items end up in the hands of private sellers. Did someone rifle her drawers (literally!) after her death, or were they given away when they no longer fit her? Maybe they were lost in the laundry?


Heart of the Wood said...

Just stumbled across your blog - REALLY looking forwardr to exploring it! Great to find someone with the same delight in the details of history.

Christina said...

Thank you for your kind comment :-). Now I have just discovered your great blog, too, and look forward to following it.
Thank you!