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Saturday 21 June 2014

A Truer Portrayal!

Now Available in Paperback! A truer portrayal of Victoria & Albert as parents than the one presented by the sensational press!


Jayne Austen-Healey said...

Hi! I got the Kindle version and so far, like it quite a lot! To honor the release, I am also, for the first time watching "Young Victoria".

Some of my thoughts are 1) It is easy to see why Victoria mourned Albert so much. After a dysfunctional upbringing, they became "all" to each other. Her hysteria may have been due to never having developed emotional maturity. Also, the Hanovers were not the most well balanced lot. I blame them for my ancestors having come to this side of the pond. 2) V & A were such devout parents because of their own somewhat empty childhoods.

Christina said...

Thank you, Jayne, for commenting and for buying the book! I am glad you are enjoying it so far :-). I agree with you absolutely about Q.V. - although I do not think Albert's childhood was really so bad, apart from the loss of his mother, which was obviously very traumatic to him. I do think that on some levels Victoria remained a child all her life. They say that the way people respond to adult situations demonstrate the age at which they stopped growing emotionally and I think Victoria did have 2-year-old-type tantrums and neediness. So the Hanovers drove your family away!! Well, England's loss was America's gain :-)