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Sunday 15 June 2014

The Romantic Prince

This is a fascinating document showing the official purchase of Balmoral by Prince Albert in 1852.
Albert is often portrayed as a rather cold, unfeeling man, but, like Queen Victoria, his love of Scotland sprang initially from his love of the work of Sir Walter Scott; and his design of the new Balmoral Castle demonstrates his strong affinity with the Romantic tradition of his native Coburg. Albert was a profound and complex man who could be enthralled by the most up-to-date technologies of the age, while simultaneously nurturing the Romantic and aesthetic aspects of his character through art, music, literature and design. His interests were numerous and he shared them so wonderfully not only with his children but with the lowliest people of this country.

My new book "DEAR PAPA, BELOVED MAMA" will be released this week, and I sincerely hope it captures these various aspects of the Prince's character and demonstrates the beneficial effect he had on his children and their people. 

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