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Wednesday 11 June 2014

The Princess Royal's Gift for Painting

This fan - taken from the Frogmore guide book - was painted by Vicky - the Princess Royal - when she was about fifteen years old, for her mother, Queen Victoria. The detail is so exquisite and remarkable!

In my forthcoming book "Dear Papa, Beloved Mama" there is a chapter about art & Queen Victoria's family and I think it is obvious how incredibly talented so many of the children were. It is unsurprising, I suppose, since both their parents were also gifted artists, especially Prince Albert, who was also a very knowledgeable critic and connoisseur and was rightly chosen as President of the Fine Arts Commission, the purpose of which was to choose artistic works for display in public buildings as well as choosing artists to decorate the interior of the newly-built Houses of Parliament.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The minute paintings in the fan looks very beautiful. It has been drawn with a perfect detailing and so minutely. I am a great art fan and loves to collect different art form and has many portrait paintings hand painted from my photo.