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Monday 30 November 2015

How Well Do You Know...19th/early 20th century Royal Nicknames?

How Well Do You Know...19th/early 20th century Royal Nicknames?
1. What did the young William II call his sister, Charlotte, in a childish attempt to say ‘sister’?
2. Who was known as Missy to her family?
3. Who was known as Mossy to her family?
4. What abbreviated form of his name did Marie of Roumania call her husband?
5. By what shortened version of one of her names was Queen Victoria known as a child?
6. Who was known as Sunny when she was a child?
7. Who was Fischy?
8. By which 2 nicknames was Christian Victor known to his family?
9. By what nickname was Victoria Melita of Edinburgh known?
10. What cruel name did Alexandra, Princess of Wales, call her niece, Thora of Schleswig-Holstein?
11. Who was Prince Eddy?
12. Which tragic heir to a throne was called Sunbeam by his mother?

How Well Do You Know...Queen Victoria’s Uncles?
1. Which two of Queen Victoria’s uncles were married to her cousins?
Ernest and Leopold of Saxe-Coburg
2. Which uncle popularised the use of public cemeteries when he chose to be interred in Kensal Green rather than the Royal Crypt?
Augustus, Duke of Sussex
3. Which uncle was the victim of a violent attack by his own valet as he lay in bed?
Ernest, Duke of Cumberland
4. Which uncle was nicknamed ‘Silly Billy’?
William IV
5. Which uncle was offered the throne of Greece?
Leopold of Saxe-Coburg
6. Which uncle married a fabulously wealthy Hungarian heiress?
Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg
7. Which uncle had a long-term relationship with the actress Dorothea Jordan?
William IV (Duke of Clarence)
8. Which uncle said he would rather slit his own throat than be forced to live with eccentric estranged wife at their home, Oatlands?
Frederick, Duke of York
9. Which uncle acted acted as Viceroy of Hanover until Queen Victoria’s accession?
Adolphus,  Duke of Cambridge
10. What was the name of ‘Uncle Leopold’s’ doctor who became a major influence on Prince Albert and Queen Victoria in the early years of her reign?
11. Whom did George IV marry?
Caroline of Brunswick
12. Which uncle was blind in one eye?
Ernest of Hanover (Duke of Cumberland)

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