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Sunday 29 November 2015

How Well Do You Know...Queen Victoria’s Uncles?

How Well Do You Know...Queen Victoria’s Uncles? (answers to yesterday's quiz are below)
1. Which two of Queen Victoria’s uncles were married to her cousins?
2. Which uncle popularised the use of public cemeteries when he chose to be interred in Kensal Green rather than the Royal Crypt?
3. Which uncle was the victim of a violent attack by his own valet as he lay in bed?
4. Which uncle was nicknamed ‘Silly Billy’?
5. Which uncle was offered the throne of Greece?
6. Which uncle married a fabulously wealthy Hungarian heiress?
7. Which uncle had a long-term relationship with the actress Dorothea Jordan?
8. Which uncle said he would rather slit his own throat than be forced to live with eccentric estranged wife at their home, Oatlands?
9. Which uncle acted acted as Viceroy of Hanover until Queen Victoria’s accession?
10. What was the name of ‘Uncle Leopold’s’ doctor who became a major influence on Prince Albert and Queen Victoria in the early years of her reign?
11. Whom did George IV marry?
12. Which uncle was blind in one eye? 
How Well Do You Know...Royal Demises of the 19th/Early 20th Century?
1. Who murdered Empress Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary?
Luigi Lucheni
2. Which two of Empress Frederick’s sons died in childhood?
Sigismund & Waldemar
3. Which of Queen Victoria’s doctors examined her for the first time after her death?
Sir James Reid
4. Two very different ‘last lines’ are attributed to George V – what are they?
‘How is the Empire?’ or ‘Bugger Bognor!’
5. Of what did Prince Christian Victor die while on active service?
6. Which of Queen Victoria’s great-grandsons was killed near Mont des Cats in 1914?
Max of Hesse-Kassel
7. Whom did Gaetano Bresci assassinate?
Umberto I of Italy
8. Which of Queen Victoria’s sons-in-law died en route to Africa to participate in the Ashanti campaign?
Henry (Liko) Battenberg
9. Who murdered King George I of the Hellenes?
Alexandros Schinas
10. Of what did Elizabeth of Hesse die in 1903?
11.  In which city was Franz Ferdinand assassinated?
12. Which of Queen Victoria’s children predeceased her?
Alice, Leopold and Alfred

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