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Saturday 28 November 2015

How Well Do You Know...Royal Demises of the 19th/Early 20th Century?

How Well Do You Know...Royal Demises of the 19th/Early 20th Century? (The answers to the previous quiz are below)
1. Who murdered Empress Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary?
2. Which two of Empress Frederick’s sons died in childhood?
3. Which of Queen Victoria’s doctors examined her for the first time after her death?
4. Two very different ‘last lines’ are attributed to George V – what are they?
5. Of what did Prince Christian Victor die while on active service?
6. Which of Queen Victoria’s great-grandsons was killed near Mont des Cats in 1914?
7. Whom did Gaetano Bresci assassinate?
8. Which of Queen Victoria’s sons-in-law died en route to Africa to participate in the Ashanti campaign?
9. Who murdered King George I of the Hellenes?
10. Of what did Elizabeth of Hesse die in 1903?
11.  In which city was Franz Ferdinand assassinated?
12. Which of Queen Victoria’s children predeceased her? 
How Well Do You Know...Royal Palaces & Homes?
1. Which ill-fated couple are interred in Artstetten?
Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie
2. Which of George IV’s holiday homes did Queen Victoria dislike because of the crowds who came to stare at her there?
Brighton Pavilion
3. Which famous architect worked with Prince Albert in designing Osborne House?
Thomas Cubitt
4. Which house on the Windsor estate did Queen Victoria give to her mother?
5. What was the name of of Empress Frederick’s house near Kronberg?
6. Where, to the annoyance of his courtiers, did George V choose to live rather than occupying Sandringham House?
York Cottage
7. Which English house was given to Queen Maud of Norway by her father?
Appleton House
8. Which island home did Princess Beatrice occupy after selling Osborne Cottage in 1913?
Carisbrook Castle
9. Which house was given to Princess Charlotte & Prince Leopold as a wedding present from Parliament?
10. What was the name of Franz Josef’s summer retreat where he proposed to his wife?
Bad Ischl
11. What was the favourite home of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra?
Alexander Palace
12. What was the name of Grand Duke Serge’s country estate where he and his wife spent their honeymoon?

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