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Wednesday 16 December 2015

How Well Do You Know...19th/early 20th Century Royal Interests & Hobbies?

How Well Do You Know...19th/early 20th Century Royal Interests & Hobbies? (The answers to yesterday's quiz are below)
1. Whose interest in human biology shocked Queen Victoria?
2. What did George V reply when told that ‘some damned fool’ had spent a fortune on a single stamp?
3. Which of Queen Victoria’s sons taught himself to play the violin?
4. Which of Kaiser Wilhelm’s interests took him to Corfu shortly before the outbreak of war?
5. Which of Queen Victoria’s grandsons developed an interest in homeopathy?
6. What sport did Henry of Prussia introduce into the German navy?
7. Whose interest in art led him to establish an artists’ colony, the workshop of which was named in his honour?
8. Which of Queen Victoria’s grandsons played the violin for her as she lay on her deathbed?
9. Where did George V participate in a shoot in which 3,900 pheasants were killed in one day?
10. Who was Carmen Silva?
11. What was the name of the suffragette who was trampled by George V’s horse at the 1913 Derby? (An extra 5 points for the name of the horse! And an extra 10 points if you can whistle the suffragettes' anthem!!)
12. What was the name of Queen Victoria’s book describing her experiences in Scotland?
How Well Do You Know...Royal Christmases?
1. Whose coronation took place on Christmas Day 1066?
William the Conqueror’s
2. What popular Christmas decoration did Prince Albert introduce to Britain?
Christmas trees
3. When was the first royal Christmas message broadcast and by whom?
1932 by George V
4. When was the first televised royal Christmas message broadcast and by whom?
1957 by Elizabeth II
5. Which Bohemian king ‘looked out on the feast of Stephen’?
6. Where does the Queen usually spend Christmas?
7. Which of Queen Victoria’s friends was found dead on Christmas morning 1900?
Lady Jane Churchill
8. Each year a Festival of 8 Lessons is televised from King’s College, Cambridge. Which King founded the college?
Henry VI
9. Who wrote the comic poem, “King John’s Christmas’?
A.A. Milne
10. What, according to tradition, were the names of the three kings who followed a star to Bethlehem?
Caspar, Melchior & Balthazar
11. In Shakespeare’s ‘The Winter’s Tale’, Leontes is King of which country?
12. Whose martyrdom four days after Christmas prompted King Henry II to walk barefoot to Canterbury where he allowed the monks to flog him?
Thomas a Becket’s

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