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Monday 21 December 2015

How Well Do You Know...Royal Accidents of the 19th/Early 20th century?

How Well Do You Know...Royal Accidents of the 19th/Early 20th century? (The answers to yesterday's quiz are below)
1. Which of Queen Victoria’s sons-in-law lost an eye following a shooting accident?
2. Whose little dog was killed when her carriage ran over it?
3. Who lost his sight after being struck in the eye by either a watch chain or a curtain tassel?
4. Who narrowly escaped death when the horses pulling his carriage were frightened by a train and galloped through a level crossing? 
5. What accident did Vicky suffer shortly before her wedding?
6. Why did Victoria of Hesse limp down the aisle on her wedding day?
7. What terrible accident resulted in the death of Queen Mary’s grandmother in 1841? 
8. Where did Leopold slip and injure his knee, ultimately leading to his death in 1884? 
9. In which royal home did a fire break out in 1853, damaging four storeys of the building?
10. What precipitated a fit in Alexandra of Greece (Grand Duchess Pavel) which ultimately resulted in her death?
11. Who, as a child, damaged his face by falling from his horse onto an iron gate? 
12. Who accidentally shot Prince Albert’s dog, Eos? (Happily, Eos recovered!)

How Well Do You Know...Royal Affairs?
1. What was the name of the flamboyant Irish-born mistress of Ludwig I of Bavaria?
Lola Montez
2. Which actress was the long-term mistress of the Duke of Clarence, later William IV?
Dorothea Jordan
3. Who secretly married Alexandra Kolomine on his daughter’s wedding day?
Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse
4. Which alleged mistress of Edward VII was confined in a lunatic asylum after accusing him of being the father of her child?
Harriet Mordaunt
5. Whose mistress, prior to his marriage, was Matilda Kschessinska?
Tsar Nicholas II’s
6. Whose mistress was Julie St. Laurent?
Edward, Duke of Kent’s
7. Which of his mistresses did Alexander II entertain in his own home while his wife lay dying?
Catherine Dolgurukova
8. Who was Edward VII’s last mistress?
Alice Keppel
9. Where was George V alleged to have had an affair and fathered a child – an allegation for which he later sued his accuser?
10. Who was Maria Vetsera?
Crown Prince Rudolph’s mistress who died with him at Mayerling
11. What was the name of the actress with whom Emperor Franz Josef had an affair?
Katharina Schratt
12. Which of Queen Victoria’s acknowledged himself to be the father of Valerie Marie Schwalb?
Albert of Schleswig-Holstein

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