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Tuesday 22 December 2015

How Well Do You Know...Royal Pets of the 19th/Early 20th century?

How Well Do You Know...Royal Pets of the 19th/Early 20th century?
1. Which favourite dog died in 1844?
2. Which little dog did Queen Victoria ask for on her deathbed?
3. How did Princess Alice’s little bullfinch meet his end?
4. What breed of dog was Tsarevich Alexei’s Joy? 
5. Who was given a present of a lamb named Millie?
6. What was the name of Queen Victoria’s dog, which she hurried home to bathe after her coronation?
7. What was the name of Edward VII’s dog, that followed his coffin at his funeral?
8. Which of Franz Ferdinand’s pets escaped from the Belvedere Palace and caused him a good deal of embarrassment?
9. What sort of creature was Lory, given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert’s father?
10. Who presented Queen Victoria with a pair of Tibetan goats on her accession?
11. Which animals did Edward VII, when Prince of Wales, give to Harriet Mordaunt, whose husband subsequently shot them?
12. What sort of animal was Queen Victoria's Jacquot?
How Well Do You Know...Royal Accidents
1. Which of Queen Victoria’s sons-in-law lost an eye following a shooting accident?
Prince Christian
2. Whose little dog was killed when her carriage ran over it?
Princess Beatrice’s
3. Who lost his sight after being struck in the eye by either a watch chain or a curtail tassel?
George of Cumberland/King of Hanover
4. Who narrowly escaped death when the horses pulling his carriage were frightened by a train and galloped through a level crossing?
Prince Albert
5. What accident did Vicky suffer shortly before her wedding?
She burned her arm when her sleeve caught on a candle.
6. Why did Victoria of Hesse limp down the aisle on her wedding day?
She had sprained her ankle jumping over a coal scuttle.
7. What terrible accident resulted in the death of Queen Mary’s grandmother in 1841?
She was trampled to death in a cavalry charge after falling from her horse at a review.
8. Where did Leopold slip and injure his knee, ultimately leading to his death in 1884?
9. In which royal home did a fire break out in 1853, damaging four storeys of the building?
Windsor Castle
10. What precipitated a fit in Alexandra of Greece (Grand Duchess Pavel) which ultimately resulted in her death?
She tripped getting into a boat.
11. Who, as a child, damaged his face by falling from his horse onto an iron gate?
Edward VII
12. Who accidentally shot Prince Albert’s dog, Eos? (Happily, Eos recovered!)
His uncle, Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg

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