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Saturday 5 December 2015

How Well Do You Know...Royal Religion in the 19th/early 20th Centuries?

(The answers to yesterday's quiz are below)
1. Which of Queen Victoria’s uncles converted to Catholicism when he married?
2. What name was Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg given when she was confirmed in Catholicism?
3. Which saintly priest was the spiritual advisor to Tsar Alexander III and his family?
4. What did Louis of Hesse say when he heard his daughter, Ella, was converting to Russian Orthodoxy?
5. Who converted to Greek Orthodoxy shortly after her marriage to the Crown Prince of the Hellenes?
6. In which religious faith was Prince Albert raised?
7. Of whom was the German Empress Augusta speaking when she said it was a good thing she had died or her children would have grown up as atheists? 
8. What was the name of Grand Duchess Elizabeth’s religious foundation?
9. Who wrote to the Dean of Westminster:  “Let him never forget the insufficiency of human knowledge and wisdom, and the impossibility of any man, or even any Church to say, ‘I am right. I alone am right.’ Let him therefore be meek and liberal and tolerant to other confessions.” ?
10. At which Presbyterian church did the Royal Family attend services while staying at Balmoral? 
11. Which Bishop of Ripon became a close friend of the Empress Frederick?
12. With which pope did Bertie – then Prince of Wales – have an audience in 1859?

How Well Do You Know...What Queen Victoria Said?
1. What did Queen Victoria say on hearing that her first child was a girl?
“The next one will be a prince.”
2. Whom did Queen Victoria call a ‘poor insignificant princess’?
Wilhelm II’s wife, Dona (Augusta Victoria)
3. What did Queen Victoria describe as ‘a very nasty object’?
A new-born baby
4. What, according to Queen Victoria, did Albert lack during his final illness?
5. What did the Queen describe as a ‘mad wicked folly’ that she was ‘most anxious to check’?
Women’s rights
6. What did the Queen describe as ‘a very doubtful happiness’?
7. Who, wrote the Queen, was ‘the one bright spot on which I love to dwell’?
Her son, Arthur
8. Why did the Queen say she was ‘not interested in the possibilities of defeat’?
“They do not exist.”
9. Where was the Queen describing when she wrote that ‘it is impossible to find a prettier spot’?
Osborne House
10. Who, according to the Queen, addressed her as though she were a public meeting?
11. Whom did she jokingly call ‘Merrypebble’?
12. Who, said the Queen, was ‘like a distinguished lady of society but nothing more’?
Her daughter-in-law, Alexandra, Princess of Wales

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