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Saturday 26 December 2015

How Well Do You Know...What Happened When in Royal Events of the 19th/Early 20th Centuries?

As the year is drawing to a close, this quiz is based on a calendar of events for each month of the year (the answers to the previous quiz are below):
How Well Do You Know...What Happened When in Royal Events of the 19th/Early 20th Centuries?
1. Who was married on 25th January 1858?
2. Why was the date 10th February so important to Queen Victoria?
3. Why, relating to her birthday, was Queen Victoria’s Connaught granddaughter named Patricia?
4. Who was born on April 25th 1843?
5. On what date was Queen Victoria born?
6. Who celebrated his fourteenth and final wedding anniversary on June 28th 1914?
7. Who was married on July 6th 1893?
8. Who was born on August 26th 1819?
9.  Which of the Kaiser’s sons died on September 22nd 1948?
10. Which of Queen Victoria’s grandsons was born on 15th October 1874?
11. Which two of Queen Victoria’s children were born in November?
12. Why did Queen Victoria call 14th December the ‘terrible 14th’?
How Well Do You Know...Royal Animals of the 19th/Early 20th century?
1. Which favourite dog died in 1844?
2. Which little dog did Queen Victoria ask for on her deathbed?
3. How did Prince Alice’s little bullfinch meet his end?
His cage was not fastened and another bird came in and killed him.
4. What breed of dog was Tsarevich Alexei’s Joy?
5. Who was given a present of a lamb named Millie?
Princess Alice
6. What was the name of Queen Victoria’s dog, which she hurried home to bathe after her coronation?
7. What was the name of Edward VII’s dog, that followed his coffin at his funeral?
8. Which of Franz Ferdinand’s pets escaped from the Belvedere Palace and caused him a good deal of embarrassment?
His parrot
9. What sort of creature was Lory, given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert’s father?
A parrot
10. Who presented Queen Victoria with a pair of Tibetan goats on her accession?
The Shah of Persia
11. Which animals did Edward VII, when Prince of Wales, give to Harriet Mordaunt, whose husband subsequently shot them?
Two ponies
12. What sort of animal was Queen Victoria Jacquot?
A donkey

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